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Plans for Shippers

Choose this option if you plan to ship packages through Postmaster.

Starter Basic Pro Enterprise
Multi-Carrier Shipping
Shipments per Month (up to) 100 1,000 10,000 Unlimited
API Calls per Month (up to) 1,000 10,000 100,000 Unlimited
Fedex, UPS, & USPS
Regional Carriers
International Shipping
International Commercial Invoice
Rate Quoting
Time-in-Transit Calculation
Carrier Pickup API
Address Validation
USPS (Postal Service) Discounts
Commercial Base Pricing (or better)
Commercial Plus Pricing
Priority Cubic Pricing
Priority Regional Rate
Track all shipments in one place
Auto-detect Carrier
Shipment Analytics
Webhook Notifications
Community Support
Direct Support
Cost per Month
(Free 30-day trial for all plans)
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API-Only Pricing

Choose this option if you don't ship any packages, but still want to get rate quotes, address validation, time-in-transit, box fitting, etc. Paid API-only pricing includes email support.

API Requests/Month Cost/Month
500 Requests $20 Sign Up
1,000 Requests $30 Sign Up
10,000 Requests $80 Sign Up
50,000 Requests $300 Sign Up
100,000 Requests $500 Sign Up
Unlimited Requests $1,000 Sign Up